It’s time for ETHDenver 2019, and we’re prepping ourselves for 36 hours of blockchain breakthroughs.

It’s only logical the largest Ethereum-based #buidlathon (aka hackathon) takes place in Colorado. The state is a humming hub for tech startups, major corporations and, yes, #bufficorns. Exponential Impact was founded and has deep roots in Colorado Springs, where X-IO Technologies, Formstack, Altia and 260-plus other information technology and cybersecurity companies thrive in the area’s appealing ecosystem. So, if we’re a little geeked out, please excuse us.

Here are three things on our ETHDenver radar.

ETHDenver Bufficorn

1) A New Focus
#BUIDL was introduced at ETHDenver 2018 in response to the Bitcoin community’s #HODL. The good people at ETHDenver recognized the importance of #hodling (holding) cryptocurrencies, but also saw the significance #buidling (aka building) carries for a decentralized future. We love this idea and what it heralds for new ideas and their innovators who are pushing the boundaries of blockchain and changing our way of life. Thanks, ETHDenver.

2) The Greater Good
ETHDenver’s Impact Track invites participants to “create a project with impressive tech specs and one that makes a real-world difference.” #buidlers will use the 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals that tackle social and global challenges such as climate, environment and inequality. Beyond the triple bottom line, blockchain ventures addressing social issues are influencing positive community behaviors and consumerism. For instance, Bytable Foods, an XI alum, is making foods traceable and transparent by creating trustworthy data chains that track products from farm to fork using blockchain technology. That’s an idea that calls for seconds.

3) Showtime
Count us in when it comes time for project judging and the BUIDL Fair, where teams will trumpet the culmination of their thinking and work. Honestly, the fair is an extension of what we like most about ETHDenver – a chance to connect with next gen trailblazers and highly-regarded modern-day industrialists. We often find the chats over coffee (lots of it, please) or serendipitous run-ins the most valuable part of our weekend.

Let’s connect.
If you will be at ETHDenver 2019, let us know and we’ll connect. DM our CEO Hannah Parsons on Twitter @hannahparsons.

Better yet.
Catch Hannah Saturday, Feb. 16 at 11:55 a.m. on the Bufficorn Stage as she and other speakers present on “Funding, Grants & Capital 3.0 for Blockchain Companies.”