Why do we celebrate entrepreneurship?

Approximately 80% of all new jobs created come from companies less than five years old. Those companies often spin off additional ventures and innovations, all of which is important to cities, regions and the world.

I am a life-long entrepreneur. Along the way, I’ve been encouraged and supported by so many, and that’s crucial for any startup or leader.

As more new ventureS evolve, I encourage all of us to work with early-stage entrepreneurs in one of three ways before the end of 2019.

XI CEO Hannah Parsons at XI Launch Camp
XI CEO Hannah Parsons at XI Launch Camp

Become a customer

Entrepreneurs need customers. If you are a decision maker in an established organization, find a way to work with early-stage ventures– companies less than five years old and bonus points if they are less than two years old. Let them pilot their products, test their technology and help them grow.


For those with the means, invest in early-stage companies. Help close funding gaps in your region for early-stage entrepreneurs. This obviously benefits the venture itself but also creates diversification in economies.

Get involved

More communities are investing in entrepreneurship: higher education,  enterprises focused on startup growth, pitch competitions, coworking spaces and meetups. What I’m saying is there’s no excuse not to plug in. It’s a rewarding investment that goes both ways for startup leaders and you, and it’s just fun.

If you would like help finding people and places in your entrepreneurial ecosystem, drop us a line. Colorado Springs is our backyard but we know many other communities and their locals who would be glad to hear from you.

Hannah Parsons, XI’s CEO, is unabashedly bullish on entrepreneurship and makes no apologies for her passion for startups. She also serves on the Colorado Council for Advancement of Blockchain Technology and the Colorado Statewide Internet Portal Authority.