Access to clean energy. Developing a cybersecurity workforce. Informing medical decisions. The startups and entrepreneurs selected for Exponential Impact’s 2019 Accelerator are transforming business and communities with disruptive technologies.

“The expertise, passion and creativity of the new XI Accelerator startups is remarkable,” said Hannah Parsons, XI’s CEO. “They are small yet mighty, and that’s where XI figures in. Our mission at XI is to give entrepreneurs the best start possible.”

Two Entrepreneurs Working

Through the XI Accelerator, startups earn access to mentors, investors, seed funding, workspace and the resources needed to propel companies forward.

“We work to help entrepreneurs emerge as leaders who are just as strong as their ventures,” Parsons said.

2019 XI Accelerator Startups

  • Brainitz (Colorado Springs): This web-based tool turns passive videos into interactive lessons that give feedback and reteach for increased comprehension and student growth.
  • Megacity Inc. (Colorado Springs): A cyberpunk-themed cryptocurrency trading game where players to interact during gameplay, accumulate earnings through trading on live market movements and use earnings to purchase items.
  • Carbos (Denver): A decentralized carbon marketplace built on the Ethereum network that lets users quantify, claim and control their own carbon offset projects.
  • MedRec (Colorado Springs): An app that leverages medical and technological intellect to create a system that cannabis users and industry professionals can turn to for authoritative information.
  • RootLo (Colorado Springs): An app to connect like-minded travelers who are also remote workers, providing guidance, resources, tools and community.
  • SafeTalpa (Bogotá, Colombia): Cyberthreat prevention, initially focused on cryptojacking, that cloud providers can integrate into codebase, outsourcing security instead of hiring teams of engineers.
  • SparkMindset (Colorado Springs): Provides opportunity to high school students in low-income households with access to virtual reality and project-based learning, preparing them for technology and cybersecurity certification, college pathways and careers.

Entrepreneurs chatting with each otherTech Ventures COS, a for-profit venture fund that only invests in XI startups, negotiates unique valuations for each startup. Other accelerators typically offer the same terms to all participants. In 2019, the total amount of seed funding is between $250,000 and $300,000.

Demo Day

The 14-week XI Accelerator culminates September 18 with Demo Day, a pitch event where XI Accelerator startups first present their ventures to potential investors, then to the community.

“Colorado Springs entrepreneurship is on a bold trajectory,” Parsons added. “Many of this year’s XI Accelerator teams are from Colorado Springs, which demonstrates the strength and diversification of our business environment. Local entrepreneurs are part of our ever-growing technology and economic ecosystems.”

Community Support

Thank you to these companies and organizations for your support of XI and entrepreneurship in southern Colorado: