Exponential Impact launched the Amplify program in early November.  During the Amplify program, XI supports later stage startups looking to move from product validation to scaling.  Along with access to co-working space, XI staff works one-on-one with the startups to develop curated programming and mentorship to encourage their growth.  The program is designed to offer continuing support (past the Accelerator program) to startups as they face new challenges.

We are excited to work with six amazing startups in our inaugural Amplify program.

Amplify Teams
Amplify Teams meet with Betsy Brown on Thoughtfulness Tuesday

Barn Owl

Barn Owl oversees remote properties with cellular-connected cameras to allow farmers and ranchers to protect their resources.


Bytable delivers confidence about food production by using block chain technology to trace food from farm to fork.


Cannacist gives cannabis users scientifically vetted information and expert support to take control of their health care decisions.

Fit SW

FitSW is a software platform for personal trainers and gyms to manage every aspect of their businesses from building workouts to accepting payments through our iOS, Android and web applications.


Megacity is an online game set in a futuristic dystopian landscape, where players leverage the power of crypto currency to improve their position and social capital.

Spark Mindset

Spark Mindset is preparing low income high school students for high income cyber security careers through a combination of virtual reality and project-based learning.