Ethan Lavin, our current Program Director at Exponential Impact, will be leaving in the middle of January to pursue his next step.  We are thrilled for Ethan and excited to see all the great things he does next. Ethan diligently worked to share all of his XI knowledge, so we are well prepared for the transition. Keep reading below to hear from Ethan about his next steps: 

These past two years exposed me to a lifetime’s amount of experiences meeting founders from all over the world working in a myriad of industries. With this exposure to people, industries, and problems, my interest was piqued in further delving into the world of entrepreneurship, finance, and international business. Some of you may know that I own a small kombucha-brewing business, you may have even tried some. With this small side hustle operation, further honing my skills was an aspect of my education that I was looking for. 

Ethan Lavin

With my professional experience at XI working alongside founders, I knew that pursuing an MBA would be a perfect complement. My initial few hours of research into MBA programs both domestic and foreign blossomed into countless hours of research and exploratory calls with individuals who graduated from business school. The big thing that I took away from these calls: Exponential Impact was the perfect story and experience that business schools were looking for. Reassured by these conversations and noticing the trend in business school placing a greater emphasis on international business and entrepreneurship, I decided that not only was business school for me, but now was the time to apply. 

For those of you who are just finding out now, I apologize. I apologize for any shock value. Working the the Colorado Springs/Denver community, startup community, and investor community has brought me nothing but rewarding experiences. I enjoyed every second working with you all and appreciate the generosity, forgiveness, and tenacious work ethic of all those I crossed paths with. I do not believe in goodbyes given I don’t give credence to assumed finite nature of relationships. Colorado Springs reserves a particular place in my heart given my years at Colorado College and Exponential Impact. The quality of friends, contacts, colleagues, and opportunities I came across were completely unexpected. The “give first” mentality of Colorado Springs is a very unique trait that many other communities do not have, and this mentality should be cherished and protected at all costs. 

I will be traveling these next few months before starting Georgetown in the late summer. If you should ever find yourself in the Washington D.C. area, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can email me at