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Our third XI Accelerator is this summer. What can you expect from it?

Time is running out to apply for our 2020 XI Accelerator us, and soon enough, we’ll be welcoming the teams into our space for the 14-week program. Each year, we grow our programming to better support our cohort. Here’s a sneak peak of what some of those developments are going to look like.

A FOCUS ON THE SIX PEAKS.  The Accelerator will continue to center around our holistic Six Peaks curriculum: story & innovation, awareness, health & wellness, leadership & culture, operational excellence, and mentoring. This includes tailored programming sessions for the incoming teams with catered homework assignments to guide them in the right direction. During the first few weeks of the accelerator, XI will help each company establish a thriving company culture.

MENTORSHIP DRIVEN. The fourteen-week Accelerator program will be driven by our dedicated mentors. Participating startups will learn all aspects of creating a scalable business from industry experts and people who have successfully started, scaled and exited their companies. If you are interested in helping early-stage startups, reach out to us.

COHESIVE COHORT. Last year was our first Accelerator in the new XI shared workspace, and we are hoping to maximize it with a full cohort. In addition, we will be hiring interns again, and students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.  Contact to learn more.

Accelerator Cohort

CONTINUING POST-ACCELERATOR SUPPORT. XI is continuing to build Amplify. It is going to be an ongoing, exciting process and we look forward to supporting teams as they expand and grow. The majority of teams in our current Amplify program are accelerator alumni, and they are seeing big results in our incubator-style program. Graduated access to startup resources and services are getting these teams quickly ready to scale. 

SOME THINGS DON’T CHANGE. We are looking forward to year three of the XI Accelerator. You can still expect key startup events for our community, like Kickoff and Demo Day, that celebrate these top startups. We will continue to foster and expand, the existing community mentors, investors, interns, staff, and entrepreneurs, and we can’t wait to welcome new faces to Exponential Impact in Colorado Springs.