When is it right to join a startup accelerator program?


At XI, ideal candidates recently released a product into the market and are getting early customer adoption and customer feedback. It is at this point that we can really dive in together and work on growing everything from sales to product development. Startups who are about to release their product to the market are more than welcome to apply as well, and we like seeing founders that are knowledgeable of the space they are entering. While other startup accelerators may take early candidates who are still in the product ideation phase or later stage startups who already raised a Series A round, the XI Accelerator program is for startups who are in the middle. If you are reading this and you are currently looking at raising a Seed/Series A round, checkout our XI Amplify program.

Pitch Prep
XI mentors give feedback during pitch practice

What are the reasons and benefits for joining a startup accelerator program?


Beyond providing a coworking facility, a rigorous 14-week program, and the option to take on an investment, it is the “soft” aspects of our Accelerator program that startups in past cohorts value. At XI, we invest in the founders just as much as we invest in the business. The program is built on a holistic, Six Peaks curriculum. We believe that in order to have a thriving business, you need thriving leaders spearheading the startup’s development.  Thriving leaders foster a strong vision, and “compelling vision leads to conviction.”  Additionally, our experienced mentor network is dedicated to your success.  During the Accelerator, you will learn from experts and past startups founders who have successfully started, scaled, and exited their venture.  For example, participants receive rigorous pitch training and help crafting their pitch decks. We are invested in you successfully growing your company.  Are you ready for the XI Accelerator, apply today.

Launch Camp 2019
Startup founders meet with XI mentors at the 2019 Launch Camp

What are the long-term benefits of joining the XI Accelerator program?


Unlike other accelerator programs that run the same program every year, or multiple times a year, working with the same stage of startup every single time, XI has programs designed for later stage startups. We support Seed to Series A entrepreneurs and going through the XI Accelerator program brings you into the XI network. In addition to all of the technical and business assistance offered to Accelerator participants, you are eligible to apply for the second stage program, XI Amplify. If you are up for the challenge of the XI Accelerator program and can commit yourself to the 14-week accelerator program, we encourage you to apply. If you have any questions or want to talk more about the Accelerator, reach out to us.


What’s next?

Access top mentors, networks, resources and investors. During the XI Accelerator, you will work alongside other top teams as you build a thriving company. XI’s rigorous programming, funding opportunities, modern workspace, and meaningful mentor connections are limited to a select few. Keep reading to learn more about what the XI team is looking for in applicants and the benefits of joining the Accelerator.