Peak Five: Operational Excellence

Successful teams are committed to operational excellence.  From ideation to completion, business fundamentals are treated with due diligence and thoughtful execution.

Rachael Maxwell

This week, we sat down with Rachael Maxwell to hear a bit more about our fifth peak, Operational Excellence. Rachael is the Operations Manager at Exponential Impact.

How have you seen and worked with Operational Excellence while at XI?


Strong organizations are able to effectively translate their vision and mission to strategic planning, down to day to day execution.  The leadership and culture within an organization defines mission and vision, and operations fosters its execution.  Exponential Impact crafts the Accelerator program to bring in numerous mentors that specialize in business fundamentals, such as strategic planning, product road maps, and accounting.    

How do you think a startup applying for our 2020 accelerator program should embrace Operational Excellence?


The Accelerator program is a great opportunity for new startups to create and implement their operational systems, before they begin to grow and scale.  By focusing on operational excellence early, startups can be better prepared to grow and succeed later.  I would encourage companies applying for the 2020 Accelerator program to be willing to learn about operational basics and implement them into their existing systems. 

Share a bit more about yourself. Has Operational Excellence influenced your life in other ways?


One of my strengths is logistics, and I see my predisposition towards details and organizations in my work at XI and other parts of my life.  At Exponential Impact, I collaborate with the Executive Director to ensure that all our operational systems are function properly.  I focus on all the logistics and details behind the organization to ensure that we can help participating startups and entrepreneurs in the best ways possible.  

Peak Five