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While the XI team is working remotely, we are continuing to provide programming, check-ins, and resources to our Amplify teams. We’ve been impressed not only with their ability to pivot their strategies in a new COVID-19 economy, but their cooperation and community-building as they work through different challenges together.


Barn Owl Tech has seen an increased demand in their digital solutions, as the need for remote surveillance increases during COVID-19. The Barn Owl teams is also moving forward with their AFWERX SBIR grant contract, an Air Force business development initiative that supports commercialization of innovative technologies.

Bytable Foods has seen an explosion in demand of ethically raised and regeneratively food from their marketplace. Due to stay-at-home and safer-at-home orders, their delivery solutions are allowing them to reach customers directly, and transparently provide ethically raised food solutions. 

Cannacist, understanding the anxiety and unrest caused by COVID, has plans to release its app for download. Those that need live telehealth consulting and curated services will have access to reliable and research-backed medical cannabis suggestions.

FitSW was perfectly positioned with their online fitness coaching software as more and more people are trying to connect with their trainers virtually due to social distancing guidelines. They have launched a new site, Find Train Gain, which allows anyone to find and connect with a personal trainer.

Megacity is continuing to leverage the super-engaged blockchain community, and have seen a slight increase in their user base. Their dystopian gaming platform is having great success, and they are welcoming new users to the game.

Spark Mindset is identifying ways to pivot away from classroom learning and more to home-based programs through an online program, as they continue to create opportunities for students preparing for cybersecurity careers. Dedicated to supporting communities in need, Spark Mindset is offering a 70% scholarship to students that are minorities, female, and from low-income communities. Parents who pay in full help those who need scholarships to participate.

These resilient startups demonstrate how important it is to pivot, ask for help, and keep working to build great and resilient products.