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The Survive and Thrive program officially launched Monday, March 31st. In the first week we were overwhelmed by the demand for local support in the community as we received over 500 applications. As of April 15th, we have received the following requests for funding:

We have $2 million in funding available to deploy as low interest loans. If you are interested in investing in the fund please see here. 100% of investments received go to local organizations through small business loans.

As of April 15th we have deployed $1,263,200 to 60 local small businesses and nonprofits. Each of the loan recipients is paired with a mentor to provide one-on-one coaching, as part of the Mentoring Program. We are also curating tools and resources for everyone on our Resource Page, and we will host weekly webinars for all mentees, regardless of their participation in the loan program. Below is the breakdown of our first 2 weeks of funding based on industry and geography. “Recommended” refers to finals for funding who are being kept on a waiting list.






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