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Introducing the 2020 XI Accelerator startups. From clean energy hardware to automotive management solutions and donation platforms, these startups are looking to disrupt their industries and provide needed solutions.

The 2020 cohort will participate in a 10-week online program with individualized mentorship, curated video lessons, homework, and community building.  Learn more about these transformative startups:

Aftermarket Analytics

aftermarket analyticsAftermarket Analytics helps businesses in the automotive aftermarket improve category management, increase supply chain efficiency, and boost profits with predictive models and easy-to-use data portals.  The current product suite includes three key components: Replacement Rates, Inventory Analyst and Supply Chain Commander.


Echo is a hyperlocal B2C platform that allows small businesses to communicate their information and brand in a short, concise and easily publishable manner. Businesses push ‘Echoes’ to users and potential customers in a nearby area.


Event QueueEventQueue is a mobile platform with real-time navigation solutions for crowd management, transportation, and public safety. It applies spatial intelligence to multiple industries with new digital tools for end-users and workforce.  EventQueue solves smart city challenges from traffic, navigation, and parking to real-time evacuation plans, and more.


Goodr is a dynamic donation platform that empowers organizations to receive and distribute ethically sourced goods. Goodr builds and manages seamless organizational donation registries as a service, curates ethical items, and optimizes delivery from the retailer to the organization or directly to the beneficiary.


F3tchF3TCH brings the latest communication technology to the guest room by migrating the old  hotel guest room telephone to the guest’s state-of-the-art mobile device.  F3TCH delivers to the hotel the last link to the guest and places the hotel’s services and amenities directly in the guest’s hands.

Skyhook Solar

SkyHook Solar Skyhook Solar creates clean energy independence and resilience. The Solar Stations are designed to generate clean energy from the sun for powering mobility, resilience, and connectivity when and where cities, communities, and businesses need it most.


Trof allows the user to discover new food and make new friends. Trof is a mobile application that connects individuals who share similar interests at restaurants, bars, or coffee shops. With a push of a button, a user can create a group to meet up at a local restaurant, or can join someone else’s group.