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Dr. Emily L. Spratt will be joining Exponential Impact’s Board of Directors. 

“As the Board Chair and co-founder of Exponential Impact, I am excited to welcome Dr. Spratt to the XI Board of Directors. She will join current members Betsy Brown, Kyle Hybl, Jeff Greene, Chris Jenkins, Lisa Jesse, and Hannah Parsons. Dr. Spratt’s unique experience and interest in the application of technology will benefit Exponential Impact and those we serve,” said Vance Brown. 

Dr. Spratt is known for her work as an arts and AI specialist, technology ethicist, strategic advisor, and Byzantine and Renaissance–Baroque art historian. She completed a Ph.D. and an M.A. at Princeton University and also holds an M.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a B.A. from Cornell University. Currently a fellow in the Data Science Institute at Columbia University, Dr. Spratt is pioneering a major cross-field research initiative on computer vision applications in the arts, and the philosophical, ethical, and legal bearings of the use of AI-enhanced technologies on digital images in our society. With international experience as a strategic advisor in the art market and the museum and cultural heritage sector, Dr. Spratt combines her love of art, culture, and emerging technologies with her honed business world instincts, and brings humanities-rooted perspectives to corporate governance. 

When asked about joining the board of directors, Dr. Spratt replied: “The opportunity to share my perspectives gained through international experience in the arts and technology sector with XI, while fostering the community values of Colorado Springs and the holistic business leadership principles that the accelerator is founded upon, is truly an inimitable honor. In addition, with the ever-increasing buzz around the Colorado tech startup scene, this Manhattanite could not be more enthusiastic to be joining an executive team steeped not only in entrepreneurial leadership, particularly at the community level, but also in a commitment to education, health, and wellness. Although 2020 has proven that the world is but one click away, the enduring lesson has been the strength of communities at a local level, and the irreplicable power of place projecting as a beacon to the wider world. In this regard, I hope my contribution to XI will be one that extends the reach of this signal, already shining so brightly.”   

Exponential Impact offers a series of programs that support the development of startups from start to scale. XI actively works to ensure its programs meet national benchmarks of excellence and seeks to create relationships with experts and innovators to support startups and regional growth. The inclusion of Dr. Spratt epitomizes this aspect of our mission. Especially given her specialization in the ethics of technology and advisory experience in the technology sector, Dr. Spratt will be a profoundly impactful addition to XI. 

“We are thrilled for Dr. Spratt to join the team. As an organization, we work to have a direct impact on our local economy and region while thinking globally. Dr. Spratt’s expertise exemplifies this commitment to stay connected to industry standards and growth with local applications,” said Natasha Main, Executive Director of XI.