Launch Camp is an annual event in the spring before the kickoff of the XI Accelerator. It gives you and your team a chance to meet the XI team and familiarize yourselves with the XI Accelerator program as you spend time with mentors and other entrepreneurs while immersed in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

As you experience a boiled-down version of the XI Accelerator program, from embarking on scenic hikes to diving into education programming sessions, you will experience what it means to be part of a holistic accelerator. By the end of Launch Camp, you will have met a sampling of mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, local business leaders, and potential investors giving you a clearer picture if XI is right for you.



Core Values at Launch Camp and the Accelerator

STORY & INNOVATIONGood stories have purpose, meaning and impact. Innovation begins with story. Thriving leaders understand that innovation is about crafting a better story for one's self, others and the world.
AWARENESSThe journey to becoming a thriving leader starts within. The ancient Greeks understood what it meant to know thyself. While self-reflection is the starting point, to truly know yourself you must be known.
HEALTH & WELLNESSThriving leaders understand the importance of health and wellness, not just in terms of physical fitness, but mental health and soul care as well. This peak includes categories such as mindfulness, nutrition and sleep.
LEADERSHIP & CULTURELeadership and character development is one of the core goals of our XI Accelerator Program. Our hope is that the leadership principles learned during the Program will echo throughout one's lifetime.
OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCEA thriving leader demonstrates a consistent drive and track record of operational excellence. In this Peak we learn about budgets, execution, hiring, raising capital, market segmentation, company valuation, legal considerations and risks, and customer focus.
MENTORINGWe believe that effective leadership is defined by connecting with authentic mentors not only for your business, but also holistically for your life. It includes giving and receiving counsel, encouragement and honest feedback.