Exponential Impact wins $50,000 prize from US Department of Energy
October 14, 2020

Exponential Impact was awarded $50,000 in prize funding from the US Department of Energy: Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC).  The EPIC prize seeks to recognize the most innovative and impactful incubators focused on developing strong regional innovation clusters for energy-related technology and entrepreneurship. In the national competition, Exponential Impact was selected as one of… Read more »Read

XI Welcomes Dr. Emily Spratt to Board of Directors
September 25, 2020

Dr. Emily L. Spratt will be joining Exponential Impact’s Board of Directors.  “As the Board Chair and co-founder of Exponential Impact, I am excited to welcome Dr. Spratt to the XI Board of Directors. She will join current members Betsy Brown, Kyle Hybl, Jeff Greene, Chris Jenkins, Lisa Jesse, and Hannah Parsons. Dr. Spratt’s unique experience… Read more »Read

Meet the 2020 XI Accelerator Startups
August 28, 2020

Introducing the 2020 XI Accelerator startups. From clean energy hardware to automotive management solutions and donation platforms, these startups are looking to disrupt their industries and provide needed solutions. The 2020 cohort will participate in a 10-week online program with individualized mentorship, curated video lessons, homework, and community building.  Learn more about these transformative startups:… Read more »Read

Q&A With Jacob Montoya, Co-Founder and CEO of FitSW
August 03, 2020

WHAT IS FITSW? FitSW is a software platform for personal trainers and gyms to manage every aspect of their businesses. FitSW enables personal trainers to create workouts, track progress, plan meals, accept payments, manage schedules and more all through our iOS, Android and web applications. Our mission is to provide exceptional and simple-to-use software that… Read more »Read

What is a Virtual Accelerator?
July 23, 2020

  WHAT IS A VIRTUAL ACCELERATOR AND WHAT DOES XI’S 2020 PROGRAM LOOK LIKE?   A virtual accelerator program can differ wildly depending on who leads it and what their goals are but one thing is the same in all, the majority of the programming is done remotely. This can also include one on one’s… Read more »Read

Q&A With Bryan Lee
July 14, 2020

XI places great emphasis on having Entrepreneurs in Residences (EIR) to support the startups along their entrepreneurial journey. The EIR mentors those involved in an XI program, Accelerator and Amplify.  Read below to hear from Bryan Lee, the current Entrepreneur in Residence and co-founder of Oscium, to learn about his entrepreneurial journey. WHAT IS YOUR… Read more »Read

Life is too short to be working for someone else's dream.
Survive & Thrive June 1 Loan Recipients Updates
June 01, 2020

The original intention of the Survive and Thrive program was to provide immediate financial relief to protect jobs. The funding intended to provide a bridge to additional community and federal resources, not fill the need for each organization entirely, as such the average loan size was $18,278.03 at a 19% approval rate to the sum… Read more »Read

Survive & Thrive April 28 Loan Recipients Update
May 11, 2020

The Survive & Thrive COS emergency relief fund is continuing to grant loans in El Paso County. Below you can find our metrics for this program as of April 28, 2020: To date, the average loan size is $20,364.29 745 total applications received There is 13% approval rate for loan recipients. 98 loans awarded to the… Read more »Read

Meet Prakhar: XI’s Program Coordinator
May 05, 2020

The Exponential Impact team is excited to announce that Prakhar Gautam will be joining us as the full-time Program Coordinator for the upcoming year.    So far, Prakhar has been working on administering the Survive & Thrive COS program, ensuring that local small businesses receive the resources they need during COVID-19.  As Program Coordinator, Prakhar… Read more »Read

Amplify Teams During COVID-19
April 30, 2020

While the XI team is working remotely, we are continuing to provide programming, check-ins, and resources to our Amplify teams. We’ve been impressed not only with their ability to pivot their strategies in a new COVID-19 economy, but their cooperation and community-building as they work through different challenges together.   Barn Owl Tech has seen… Read more »Read

Survive & Thrive April 21st Loan Recipients Update
April 24, 2020

  The Survive & Thrive COS emergency relief fund is continuing to grant loans in El Paso County. Below you can find our metrics for this program as of April 21, 2020: To date, the average loan size is $20,670.93. 728 total applications have been received.  85 loans have been awarded. 64 volunteer mentors, and… Read more »Read

Thank you to our Mentors and Volunteers!
April 24, 2020

The mentoring component of Survive & Thrive COS is receiving a lot of support, and we are grateful to everyone’s support. We’d like to thank those in Colorado Springs who have helped to get this initiative going, and of course, the experienced mentors and community leaders who are volunteering their time and skillsets to work with… Read more »Read