Colorado Springs chosen for U.S. State Department GIST Program
October 31, 2019

Exponential Impact is partnering with UCCS, and the QUAD on a visiting entrepreneurs program the U.S. State Department is piloting as part of their GIST (Global Innovation through Science & Technology) program. Five startup companies from Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, and Algeria will be in Colorado Springs for four weeks and then back to DC for… Read more »Read

Apply Now for the XI Amplify Program!
September 18, 2019

Exponential Impact is proud to announce its newest program, XI Amplify. Amplify builds upon the startup ecosystem that XI is supporting by adding additional programming for seed-stage startups that have either gone through the XI Accelerator program, another accelerator program, or they are at the stage where they are ready for a business incubator. Amplify… Read more »Read

XI Startup Barn Owl Enhances Rancher Productivity
August 29, 2019

With less than three weeks until the 2019 XI Accelerator Demo Day, we’re checking with in one of our 2018 startup alums, Barn Owl. For founder Josh Phifer, Barn Owl is personal. He’s using his experience growing up on ranches to help rural businesses be more productive and secure. Partner Greg Nallie provides engineering and… Read more »Read

Accelerator Secret Sauce Includes Community & Mentorship
August 28, 2019

With 12 out of 14 accelerator weeks complete, XI 2019 Accelerator Demo Day is right around the corner. Our 2019 XI Accelerator feels nothing short of flying at the speed of light. This year, we welcomed seven teams to the program, an increase built off 2018’s success with four startups. The 2019 XI Accelerator class… Read more »Read

Mindfulness Monday: Explore Your Strengths
August 27, 2019

We’re not here to judge your workout routine but your strengths go well beyond the gym. In a world filled with negative bias, XI Chief Culture Officer (and board member) Betsy Brown says let them go. Leveraging your powers is this week’s #MindfulnessMonday moment. Knowing yourself is a good place to start. Self-reflection or asking… Read more »Read

Brace for Disruption at XI’s 2019 Accelerator Demo Day
August 14, 2019

It’s time to celebrate entrepreneurship in southern Colorado. Meet seven emerging tech startups when they pitch at XI’s 2019 Accelerator Demo Day. Learn how they are transforming business and communities with disruptive tech. XI 2019 Accelerator Startups Brainitz: Empowering teachers to enhance student achievement Carbos: Enabling access to climate solutions Megacity: Weaving cryptocurrency into a… Read more »Read

Life is too short to be working for someone else's dream.
Mindfulness Monday: Mindful Meditation Opens New Doors
August 06, 2019

Glossing over everyday rituals comes easy. After all, routines are a fixed procedure.  This Mindfulness Monday, we look at intentional thinking. What is achieved when even the simplest of acts are performed with mindful meditation? The next time you start a routine, slow our pace to consider the chain of events behind it. It could… Read more »Read

Purposeful Tech: Humanity First, Then Technology
July 23, 2019

In 1992, it was unfathomable what the world wide web would bring to software development. In fact, software vendors in the business of delivering DOS-based applications were scrambling as Microsoft Windows 3.1 was rapidly redefining their industry and technology. Many Independent Software Vendors, or ISV’s, filled the graveyards of bankruptcy, while those who adapted went… Read more »Read

Mindfulness Monday: Walking the Walk
July 15, 2019

For most of us, walking is innate. In this Mindfulness Monday, learn how an intentional walk improves self-awareness. Some view a stroll as exercise, while others see it as a mode of transportation. Either way, it’s become automatic and is accomplished with little thought. Shane Parrish, founder of Farnham Street, has an interesting read on… Read more »Read

Purposeful Tech: Generating startup momentum & how to keep it fueled
July 08, 2019

In K-12 science, students learn momentum is mass times velocity. The power of this principle is a simple version of Newton’s first law: An object at rest will stay at rest. An object in motion will continue in motion unless acted upon by an external force. For an organization, momentum of people, ideas and activities… Read more »Read

Mindfulness Monday: Practicing Imperfection
July 08, 2019

Welcome to your Mindfulness Monday tip of the week and the fine art of imperfection. Practice makes perfect, and Thomas Edison can attest to that. The story goes that Edison made 1,000 attempts before “perfecting” the first light bulb. Kudos to him and fortunate for the rest of us. With all due respect, let’s be… Read more »Read

Purposeful tech: Mining for customer feedback gold
July 02, 2019

Just like amplifier feedback made Jimi Hendrix great, customer feedback provides the life blood of software. Feedback provides information that can be used to prioritize new work, learn about new work you didn’t know you should do, or even identify work that is scheduled but shouldn’t occur. Even product managers and analysts are only able… Read more »Read