Mindfulness Monday: Walking the Walk
July 15, 2019

For most of us, walking is innate. In this Mindfulness Monday, learn how an intentional walk improves self-awareness. Some view a stroll as exercise, while others see it as a mode of transportation. Either way, it’s become automatic and is accomplished with little thought. Shane Parrish, founder of Farnham Street, has an interesting read on… Read more »Read

Purposeful Tech: Generating startup momentum & how to keep it fueled
July 08, 2019

In K-12 science, students learn momentum is mass times velocity. The power of this principle is a simple version of Newton’s first law: An object at rest will stay at rest. An object in motion will continue in motion unless acted upon by an external force. For an organization, momentum of people, ideas and activities… Read more »Read

Mindfulness Monday: Practicing Imperfection
July 08, 2019

Welcome to your Mindfulness Monday tip of the week and the fine art of imperfection. Practice makes perfect, and Thomas Edison can attest to that. The story goes that Edison made 1,000 attempts before “perfecting” the first light bulb. Kudos to him and fortunate for the rest of us. With all due respect, let’s be… Read more »Read

Purposeful tech: Mining for customer feedback gold
July 02, 2019

Just like amplifier feedback made Jimi Hendrix great, customer feedback provides the life blood of software. Feedback provides information that can be used to prioritize new work, learn about new work you didn’t know you should do, or even identify work that is scheduled but shouldn’t occur. Even product managers and analysts are only able… Read more »Read

Mindfulness Monday: Just Keep Breathing
July 01, 2019

Last week, we kicked off our Mindfulness Monday series. Taking time to evaluate and reflect on your environment and yourself goes a long way in business and in life. It’s something we ask XI Accelerator startup teams to do during the cohort. This week, Betsy Brown, XI chief culture officer and board member, puts a… Read more »Read

Mindfulness Monday: Ease Up on Yourself
June 24, 2019

Being present of the world you’re in and the one around you goes a long way in preserving and extending your mind. That’s why Mindfulness Monday is a part of our weekly XI Accelerator programming and our lives. Each week, XI Chief Culture Officer, board member and investor Betsy Brown delivers your #MindfulnessMonday tip. Formerly… Read more »Read

Think big and don't listen to people who tell you it can't be done.
8 Crucial Reads for Entrepreneurs & Startups
June 21, 2019

Established entrepreneurs to budding startups, there’s something for almost everyone on our Exponential Impact bookshelf.  Our ever-growing reading list highlights foundational theories and groundbreaking ideas we find compelling, useful and thought provoking.  These books cover a wide-range of aspects of starting, scaling and succeeding in a startup environment. They are must-reads for our XI Accelerator… Read more »Read

Meet the Mighty 2019 XI Accelerator Startups & Their Transforming Work
June 07, 2019

Access to clean energy. Developing a cybersecurity workforce. Informing medical decisions. The startups and entrepreneurs selected for Exponential Impact’s 2019 Accelerator are transforming business and communities with disruptive technologies. “The expertise, passion and creativity of the new XI Accelerator startups is remarkable,” said Hannah Parsons, XI’s CEO. “They are small yet mighty, and that’s where… Read more »Read

3 Ways You Can Support Entrepreneurship This Year
June 05, 2019

Why do we celebrate entrepreneurship? Approximately 80% of all new jobs created come from companies less than five years old. Those companies often spin off additional ventures and innovations, all of which is important to cities, regions and the world. I am a life-long entrepreneur. Along the way, I’ve been encouraged and supported by so… Read more »Read

XI on the Grow with New Staff and XI Venture Center for Entrepreneurs
May 29, 2019

As entrepreneurship continues its rise in Colorado Springs, so goes Exponential Impact. As the XI Accelerator program enters it second year, we’re building in more ways in than one. Rachael Maxwell On Board as Operations Manager While Rachael Maxwell is new to XI, she’s no stranger to Colorado Springs. Our new operations manager is a… Read more »Read

Three Reasons Why XI Launch Camp Works (and May Not for All Entrepreneurs)
May 28, 2019

By Hannah Parsons, XI CEO I thought Vance was crazy. Early on, when Exponential Impact was moving from idea to entity, XI founder Vance Brown described to me an entrepreneur retreat he wanted to incorporate into the accelerator program. Vance envisioned startups coming from across the country and around the world for a five-day pre-accelerator… Read more »Read

Meet Emerging Tech Entrepreneurs at the 2019 XI Accelerator Kickoff
May 24, 2019

Be the first in Colorado Springs to meet Exponential Impact’s 2019 Accelerator teams and celebrate the opening of our new space, the XI Venture Center. You’re invited to the 2019 XI Accelerator Kickoff Celebration, June 12 at 5 p.m. in Colorado Springs. Entrepreneurs from South America to Colorado Springs and places in between make up… Read more »Read