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Founder’s Pitch

Aftermarket Analytics

Aftermarket Analytics provides custom software and analytics for complete global solutions to improve inventory turns, decrease operational costs, and increase profitability by creating geographic-based sales forecasting within the automotive aftermarket. They use cutting-edge analytics to develop predictive models combined with their easy-to-use web applications to help you get your entire supply chain on the same page.

Industries: Aftermarket, Machine Learning, SaaS



Echo is a hyperlocal B2C platform that allows small businesses to communicate their information and brand in a short, concise, and easily publishable manner. Businesses push ‘Echoes’ to users and potential customers in a nearby area for a sprint-like marketing campaign.

Industries: Marketing, SaaS



A mobile platform with real-time navigation solutions for crowd management, transportation, and public safety, and applies spatial intelligence to multiple industries with new digital tools for end-users and workforce. EventQueue improves the experience for citizens and visitors while giving organizers and planners new tools to become more efficient and safer.

Industries: Smart Cities, Event Management, Tourism, IoT, SaaS, Big Data, and AI



F3TCH brings the latest communication technology to the guest room by migrating the old antiquated hotel guest room telephone to the guest’s state-of-the-art mobile device. By doing so, F3TCH solves a major problem for the hospitality industry, a problem that affects hundreds of millions of travelers every year- (pre-COVID). F3TCH delivers to the hotel what is called “last link” to the guest and places the hotel’s service and amenities directly in the guest’s hands offer.

Industries: Hospitality, SaaS



Goodr is repackaging the donation drive experience for good! The digital platform will empower organizations with whitelabled, donation registries to give their donors another way to make contributions. Now, donors can buy from an organization’s curated wishlist of donations and have it sent directly to the doorstep of sponsored beneficiaries. With Goodr, donations can be maximized, logistics can be optimized, and for donors, the experience is more transparent and more fulfilling than ever!

Industries: Non-profit, Donation, Marketplace, Social Impact, SaaS


SkyHook Solar

Skyhook Solar, based in Woody Creek, CO, is a a hardware platform providing movable infrastructure such as solar panels with add-on applications, like broadband, ev charging, and micro mobility. They aim to bring flexibility and robustness to important technologies that previously didn’t have access to infrastructure to meet their needs.

Industries: Renewable Energy, Movable Architecture, Hardware



Mobile application that connects individuals who share similar interests at restaurants, bars, or coffee shops. We bring together groups of individuals who share similar interests and provide them a unique experience over food and drink. Trof was founded to help ease the challenging process of meeting new people. Whether in your hometown or traveling the world, Trof is the best way to meet new people and make friends. Ultimately, Trof believes food can catalyze the creation of authentic connections and foster true human interaction.

Industries: Hospitality, SaaS