Support small businesses when you make an investment or donation to Exponential Impact— a 501(c)(3). Contributions allow Exponential Impact to run the Survive and Thrive COS program and provide small business emergency relief funding, as well as mentorship and resources.


Support small businesses when you make an investment to Exponential Impact — a 501(c)(3). 

Your investment of at least $5,000 will create the greatest positive impact for owners of small businesses. Funds are held in a dedicated account, with no fees or overhead costs. Investors are repaid on a pro rata basis after 42 months. Any principal not repaid by the end of the loan period constitutes a charitable gift or grant to XI.

To invest, contact:

Natasha Main, Executive Director, Exponential Impact
314.809.0697 or

Hannah Parsons, Barn Owl
719.338.2755 or

Tony Rosendo, Spur Philanthropy
303.594.0928 or


Individuals who wish to support the Survive and Thrive COS with investments under $5,000 can make a gift to the PPCF Community Investment Impact Fund. Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt for their contribution and their contribution will be pooled with other donors to make an investment into Survive and Thrive COS.

The PPCF Impact Investment Fund will then be repaid after 42 months, with any unpaid principal constituting a charitable gift to XI. Repaid funds will then be deployed by PPCF into other impact investing opportunities in our local community.


100% of the fund dollars will to go to small businesses, and Exponential Impact is not taking an administrative fee to run the program.  However, individuals can support these effort through donations to Exponential Impact.  

Support from contributors like you allow Exponential Impact to run the Survive and Thrive COS program. Any donation made here will go directly to Exponential Impact to support the administration of the program.  Exponential Impact is a registered 501 (C)3 organization, and your charitable giving will qualify for a tax deduction.