Survive & Thrive COS mentors are critical to helping local small businesses and nonprofits navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic’s impact on their current needs and future success. Mentors serve as a sounding board for mentees, offering a listening ear, connecting to critical resources and expertise, and helping their mentees brainstorm creative solutions to what may feel like insurmountable challenges. To be effective in this role, we are seeking compassionate mentors who offer industry expertise in a number of fields:

  • Restaurant, cafe
  • Personal care services (nail/hair salons, spas, etc.)
  • Childcare
  • Retail (non-food, general merchandise)
  • Healthcare
  • Auto services and trades (auto repair, plumbing, electrical, etc.)
  • Arts and entertainment (theaters, art galleries, etc.)
  • Hospitality (hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc.)
  • Media and Communications (marketing, news/media, etc.)
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate Services
  • Non-Profits
  • Social media


All applicants to Survive & Thrive COS will have access to webinars and virtual panels offered by the program to provide support during the pandemic. We define our mentees as the small businesses and nonprofits that are awarded Survive & Thrive emergency relief loans who will participate in one on one mentor sessions for three months. Based on a mentee’s loan application, interview,, and stated needs, mentors are  matched based on skill sets and areas of expertise by a Survive & Thrive COS representative. 

Once matched, the Survive & Thrive COS representative will introduce the mentor and mentee via email and the mentor will reach out to the mentee to coordinate a time for the first meeting. Mentees are encouraged to reach out to mentors at any time when they wish to connect.

Flexibility and relationships are important in this program. If for any reason during the program the mentor/mentee relationship is not a good fit, the mentee can reach out to the Survive & Thrive COS representative and request to identify a new mentor.


Mentors will receive access to our online resource hub, which includes information on the Survive & Thrive COS program and commonly used resources for business information such as local/state/federal programs and requirements, employer resources, unemployment insurance, employee transition programs, business interruption insurance, etc.

The Survive & Thrive COS team is also here to support you. Mentors will have regular check-in meetings with a Survive & Thrive COS representative to troubleshoot any challenges or needs.




The primary goal of this program is to promote community building and create a support system during the pandemic. Mentors should address immediate business needs and connect their mentee to resources in response to COVID-19, plan for recovery and prepare for future disasters to ensure resiliency of businesses and organizations participating in Survive & Thrive COS. Serving as a mentor is an opportunity to further develop leadership skill sets and connect to a network of community builders.

Please note that the needs of each business/organization will be different and each mentor/mentee relationship will need to be tailored to the mentee’s specific short, intermediate and long term needs.

All mentor meetings will be conducted over phone or video conferencing to ensure the health and safety of all program participants. Meetings with mentors will consist of one on ones, group webinars and conference calls.


At the end of the 3 month program, mentors will send mentees a link to complete a survey to share feedback on the program experience and their level of confidence to move forward as a business/organization.

After the program, mentees will continue to have access to resources and can stay in contact with their mentors. Mentees will be invited to stay involved in the program in other ways such as volunteering as a mentor themselves, serving as speakers for future trainings/webinars, giving testimonials, etc.