Survive and Thrive Curated Resources for Mentors

Below are resources curated by the Strive and Thrive program specifically for mentors working with small business owners in all types of industries. These resources are zipped into a downloadable folder that contains the program overview for the first three months, documents that allow for the mentor and owner to plan meeting times and additional resources that allow for refining of business strategies. These resources are intended to facilitate conversations between mentors and small business owners, giving the owners a friend-tor who acts as a sounding board. 

The folders are split into categories of the initial response, the following recovery and lasting resilience. The first month of the program is intended to help small business owners brainstorm ideas that allow for a proper response to COVID-19, which could mean pivoting the business in ways never previously explored. 

The following two folders of recovery and resilience are currently being built by the Strive and Thrive COS Mentorship Committee and will be uploaded as the team synthesizes data from the feedback provided to us in what needs to be built next. If you’re a mentor or owner and have questions about the mentoring program, please reach out to Prakhar Gautam at 


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