This site hosts the digital recordings and supplemental resources from our weekly webinars for small business owners receiving Survive & Thrive funding.

Webinar 12: GRIT Module 2

Webinar 11: GRIT Module 1

Webinar 10: Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

Webinar 9: What does it mean to Thrive in Business and in Life?

Watch guest speaker Vance Brown, CEO of the National Cybersecurity Center and Co Founder of Exponential Impact, and Betsy Brown, Co Founder of the Classical Academy and Co Founder of Exponential Impact, reflect on what it means to Thrive successfully in Business and in Life, especially during tumultuous times.

Webinar 8: Finding Joy at Home and Work During Hard Times

Watch our guest speaker Betsy Brown speak on mental health and wellness for small business owners as part of our reoccurring weekly webinars created by the Strive and Thrive mentoring committee.

Webinar 7: PPP Loan Forgiveness with Colorado SBDC

Access the Webinar Online

Learn more about PPP Loan Forgiveness. Co-hosted by the Colorado Small Business Development Center.

Webinar 6: Immunize Your Business With Strategic Goal Setting

This webinar will give you tools to adjust, rethink and even re-imagine your business and put it on an immediate path to success. But only if you have the vision and focus on actionable goals. Led by Neil Arthur, CEO, ArthurBiz Advisors.

Webinar 5: Negotiating With Your Landlord

Q&A discussion on negotiating with your landlord. Moderated by Yemi Mobolade, Small Business Development Administrator for the City of Colorado Springs.

Webinar 4: Mental Health and Wellness

Learn strategies for mental health and wellness from Betsy Brown, XI’s Chief Cultural Officer.

Webinar 3: Bookkeeping and Payroll Post COVID-19

Our week 3 webinar featured speakrs Etienne Hardre, Renee Lujan, and Heather McBroom, for a presentation and Q&A on bookkeeping and payroll. You can view and download their presentation below.

Bookkeeping and Payroll Post COVID-19 (PDF)

Webinar 2: Digital Marketing

Hear from Adam Morley at Wolf & Key Marketing, and Lauren Wade at Formstack, as they share digital marketing strategies during COVID-19.

Webinar 1: Emotional Wellbeing

Apps for Meditation/ Breathwork:

The Waking Up App
Wim Hof Method

Books/ websites to check out:

The Transformation by James Gordon – Toolkit for healing trauma and reducing stress in the body
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Von Der Kolk
Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
Mindsight by Dan Seigel
Polyvagal Theory – Stephen Porges
American Psychological Association

Podcasts on how to support yourself emotionally during COVID:

How to Find Peace Amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos (#414) – Jack Kornfield
Managing in The Midst of COVID-19 – Peter Levine

Resources for Counseling:

Mayfield Counseling Centers: 719-452-5803
Psychology Today

XI’s Weekly Wellness Challenges: try them, and share what worked best for you!


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