Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to questions commonly asked, be sure to check this page regularly as we
will update them throughout the application process.

1. What if my business is not in the approved zip codes but meets all other criteria?

  • We are prioritizing applications from 80904, 80909, 80910,80916. However, businesses that fit the majority of the requirements and are on the border of these zip codes will be reviewed if funds remain. The business would have to ensure that they are creating or retaining a low-moderate income job. If the job pays more than the income limit for a one-person household (see question 2), it may still be eligible if the employee’s total household income is less than the maximum income limit, based on the employee’s household size.
  • Applications of this nature will be reviewed on a 2-week delay, but will be accepted between February 15th to February 28th with all other applications.

2. How are low-moderate income jobs defined?

  • If the annual salary for an employee is below the low-moderate income level for their household size then their job is considered to be low-moderate income. Read below to find the income thresholds by household size.

3. What counts as a low-moderate income job/level?

  • For a one-person household this is below $45,750
  • For a two-person household this is below $52,250
  • For a three-person household this is below $58,800
  • For a four-person household this is below $65,300.