Bio Bryan Lee
Bio Leif Ullman


Bio Jacob Harris CTO, Sports Virtual Training Systems
Bio Josh Caid Chief Evangelist, Cherwell Software
Bio Lisa Jesse Co-founder, Intelligent Software Solutions (now Polaris Alpha, a Parsons Company)


Bio Brad Brackel VP of Sales, Pikes Peak Cargo Secure, Inc.
Bio Gary Gaessler VP of Sales, Nventify & Co-founder, CloudElements
Bio Tyson Hartshorn President & CEO, innate.ly
Bio Jan Horsfall Principal Managing Partner at Red Surfboard, LLC
Bio Mike Riggs VP of Product Management and Strategy, Perch Security
Bio Spence Smith Artistic Relations Director, Compassion International
Bio Jason Steele Chief Technical Officer, Cobomba
Bio Kathy Zehringer Executive & Career Transition Coach, A Shift Happens, Inc.


XI Accelerator mentors are critical to guiding startups through their toughest stages. Not only do mentors offer invaluable connections, but they are also instrumental to ensuring a startup meets its goals and finds success throughout the Accelerator program. Here are some of the things that XI looks for in a mentor:

  • Startup experience: Our mentors have experience in the startup world.
  • Connected: Our mentors are connected to the local community and can assist members of the Accelerator program as they network.
  • Common industries: Our mentors can offer specific advice to XI Accelerator startups because they have common industries.
  • Big-picture commitment: Our mentors are committed to helping mentees define their goals and find the right solutions, even if that means watching them make mistakes. Mentors are dedicated to the long-term development of a mentee as an entrepreneur.
  • Encouragement: Although part of a mentor’s job is to be critical of the XI Accelerator startups, they ultimately encourage startups to achieve their goals and are some of the startup’s greatest advocates.
  • Accountability: Mentors keep mentees accountable for their actions and the goals they set.