As we traverse our new COVID-19 impacted landscape, we are adapting our flagship summer Accelerator program to a virtual platform. This 10 week program will offer individual mentorship, curated video lessons, homework, and community building within the cohort. 


Refining Ideas Into Scalable Companies

A Mentor Driven Program.

Building off the base curriculum to provide founders with tools and concepts to advance, XI Accelerator focuses on building strong mentor relationships to curate the program to meet the unique needs of each startup. Each participating startup will be paired with 2 lead mentors with whom they will meet each week. Additionally, founders will have access to the XI Tech Review Team made up of qualified technology experts to help guide product development. Within the cohort founders will work with their peers and XI staff to develop their goals and strategies for success. Weekly sessions will be available on the Accelerator online portal.

A Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurship.

Our core values, called The Six Peaks Model, enrich all aspects of XI to deliver a holistic approach of supporting participants as leaders and as startup founders. The Six Peaks are story and innovation, awareness, health and wellness, leadership and culture, operational excellence, and mentorship. These elements, along with business concepts, are wrapped into each module to support sustainable company development. 

Core Objectives.

The Virtual Accelerator program will offer individualized support to each team.  Our goal is to provide foundational elements and tools to gain customer traction.  Startups who complete the program will be eligible to apply for Amplify.  


Accelerator Programming and Timeline

September 8-November 13.

The Virtual Accelerator will run for 10 weeks, split up into 2 modules that run for 5 weeks each. The first 5 weeks will occur from September 7 to October 9. Each week will consist of programming with mentors and XI staff as well as the curated lessons and homework. This programming will be held inside the online platform for the virtual accelerator. The second module will end the week before Thanksgiving. The Amplify application will open in January 2021.


The first module will allow for companies and XI to refine their business plan and companies must pass certain requirements to enter module 2. The first module will include foundational workshops, leadership development, mentorship from industry experts, and a strong product development focus. The final deliverable will be a 5 minute video pitch that clearly articulates their vision and ability to execute on their idea. The second module will be primarily sales driven and aimed at teams gaining customer traction and preparing for investment opportunities. The final deliverable will be a 1 minute video pitch to aid in investor outreach. 

Apply to be a mentor!


Launch Camp 2019

XI Accelerator mentors are critical to guiding startups through their toughest stages. Not only do mentors offer invaluable connections, but they are also instrumental to ensuring a startup meets its goals and finds success throughout the Accelerator program. Here are some of the things that XI looks for in a mentor:

  • Startup experience: Our mentors have experience in the startup world.
  • Connected: Our mentors are connected to the local community and can assist members of the Accelerator program as they network.
  • Common industries: Our mentors can offer specific advice to XI Accelerator startups because they have common industries.
  • Big-picture commitment: Our mentors are committed to helping mentees define their goals and find the right solutions, even if that means watching them make mistakes. Mentors are dedicated to the long-term development of a mentee as an entrepreneur. -Encouragement: Although part of a mentor’s job is to be critical of the XI Accelerator startups, they ultimately encourage startups to achieve their goals and are some of the startup’s greatest advocates.
  • Accountability: Mentors keep mentees accountable for their actions and the goals they set.